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Dikla's Friends


Dikla's Friends is a culinary venture that's all about bringing people together through amazing food experiences.

Our goal is to connect individuals and organizations
who haven't met before and help them build meaningful connections beyond typical professional networks.


We're passionate about making a social impact
through the power of personal connections,
and we believe that intimate chef dinners
and unique concept evenings
are the perfect way to do just that.


Our events are all about bringing people together
based on shared interests and hobbies,
and we make personal recommendations
for connections that are tailored to each
individual's unique personality and background.

We include inspirational stories and
social action as part of our unique content
for the evening.
We believe that connecting with others
and making a positive impact
on the world go hand in hand,
and we're passionate about creating events
that reflect these values.


Over the past 6 years, we've hosted
more than 60 chef dinners and connected
dozens of leading individuals and organizations,
including high-tech companies, startups, and law firms.

We're proud to have taken our show on the road
to places like New York and Ecuador,
where we've made new connections between people
from all over the world.

Dikla's Friends was established by
Dikla Goldstein Malamud, a natural connector,
social entrepreneur, and keynote speaker.

Dikla's personal touch is evident in everything we do,
from our carefully curated culinary events
to our warm and welcoming atmosphere.


If you're looking for a unique way to connect your team 
or community members and create meaningful relationships,
we're always open to new ideas and collaborations,
so let's connect and see where our journey takes us!


Thank you for contacting us, We'll be InTouch soon!

Bringing people together

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